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Rituals for self reflection.


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About Us



An opportunity to be guided through a poetic flow.

A Yin Yoga approach is used to help support connective tissue,  activating different energy centres & improving physical & mental flexibility.

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Move through creative blocks with Breath-work exercises to shift your state of mind, ease anxiety and boost energy levels. 

It also helps improve blood circulation to the brain which in turn boosts creative thinking.


Different modalities are explored to find how you feel most natural to express your inner artist.

This can be through sound, words, drawing, even dance.

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Deeper sense of

When we connect to the body and become more present we allow a state of contentment to wash over. A place where nothing else matters but where you are right now.

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Improve focus, clarity & inner vision 

Meditation, Breath-work and Mindfulness practices have been shown to improve focus. Even if you are new to the practice you will be supported and guided.

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Reduce anxiety & stress

These distractions hold us back from reaching our full potential. 

Deepening your knowledge of these influential practices so you can integrate into everyday life.

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"Shift your body, shift your state of mind"

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