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Hello, I'm Selina.

By day I am a Digital Freelance Content Writer and by night I am a Yoga teacher and Artist.

Well, to be honest every day is different and that's why I love freelancing.

My two niches are :
- Lifestyle
- Wellness. 

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Experienced in branding, digital marketing, social media captions, scripts, blogs & articles, newsletters, email and website copy.

Overall, I have successfully created engaging content that informs, educates and inspires my clients audiences. 

I gained a Diploma of Graphic design and Art communication from Auckland Univercity of Technology and words are one of my favourite creative mediums to work with. 

The way we live our lives is a form of creative self-expression.


A deep fascination with my inner landscape put me on a path of self-discovery when I landed a job as a kitchen hand in one of Byron Bays' most exclusive wellness retreats. There, I not only learned about food as a science but many different holistic ways of how to take care of your body, mind, and soul. This was over ten years ago now and my curiosity has led me to study Meditation, Yoga, Breath-worth, Ayurvedic nutrition, Sound Healing, and more.


My own struggles with anxiety and nervous system malfunctions lead me to explore restorative practices and ways to move out of stress and into rest. I share stories of transformation, lived experiences and thoroughly researched knowledge in the hopes to connect with community and help anyone on a similar journey of self-improvement, growth, and healing.


Through those years, my passion for the arts took me around the globe. Working as a textile artist decorating my surroundings and leaving a part of me wherever I went. I settled in deeply spiritual places such as Byron Bay, Portugal, New Zealand, and Bali. Although these were more permanent locations, from a young age I was packing my bag to join my mum on her adventures as a travel journalist. I am lucky enough to have been exposed to many different cultures, learning, sharing, and living.

I am now at a stage where I can successfully sell-out my own curated events and travel to beautiful locations to teach Yoga, Breath-work and Meditation at retreats. 



What I can take from my life experience is that all my interests should be categorised under Healing Arts. They all embody a deep level of creative vulnerability and expression with a transformative outcome of healing and release.

Journalling and creative writing are apart of my everyday life. To keep myself grounded, organised and prepared for events and retreats writing comes naturally and with ease. It's a way of self expression and connection to community.

I write about a way of living and if you're not well, you're not living.

Selina Ailini - Freelance Digital Content Writer

  • Lifestyle

  • Wellness

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About Us

Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Breath-work facilitator and Artist. 

My work is shared through in person retreats, events and classes. A creative wanderer who has settled in deeply spiritual places such as Byron Bay, Portugal, New Zealand and Bali, while navigating the digital world I am sharing knowledge and insights along the way. 

Previously, a fear of being vulnerable on the internet prevented sharing work under my own name. Now, after overcoming a scarcity mindset and navigating the turbulent waters of abundance I am here to communicate with a community of like-minded people interested in self development, meditation, yoga, sound healing, breath-work, spiritual rituals and more. 

If you would like to work together please email:


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Yoga teacher meditation breath-work
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I write because I am fascinated with the inner workings of my mind, my emotional depths, and the relationships I create and nurture within my community.

Stories that play out in my mind are better for my mental health once shared with the world with the hope to reach someone and feel less alone in their experience or perhaps learn something new.


My stories are personal, intriguing, and adventurous. 


I write to connect. 

A form of self-expression. 

Lets connect:

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