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Yoga means "union" and can be described as a process of integrating the body, mind, and spirit

Yoga for me is not just the asana. But a gateway into other modalities.

Together, we immerse into a whole experience using intuitive energetic practices to drop into the body and enter the flow state

My methods


My intention through offering customised yoga coaching is to create positive transformation for mind, body and spirit through simple, impactful and creative well-being practices. 


Choose to focus on any of the following topics:

- Slow, restorative care (Injury recovery/Illness/Disability)

- Themed/customised Meditations

- Breath-work

- Yin Yoga

- Intuitive Tarot

- Planetary Energetics (Astrology)

+ more


Single Session $99

5 x 45 Min Sessions $450

8 x 45 Min Sessions $640

Live sessions are 45min with a recording sent out afterwards. 

45 Min Diving into a topic of choice.

This is best used for one singular topic to cover.

E.g - Themed meditation, Intuitive Tarot reading, Yin Yoga

If you are interested in up to five topics, Each session will be themed and either solely focused on each topic or two or three weaved in throughout the five sessions. 

A journey through the energy centres. Here, each session will cover a theme co relating to the chakra systems. Each session will cover different topics and weave through out. Most topics are covered within this programme and allows for a full experience of modalities. 

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I work with the subtle energy realms.


My work is impactful, influential and mystical.

I reflect back where people are at. I help let them know how they feel.


Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger
Ella Rei

" I have been to a few of Selina's classes. She is super welcoming, with a kind and sincere vibe.


The pace of the practice was perfect for my experience level and I felt very comfortable asking for help with more challenging/new postions. Would totally recommend Selina and cannot wait to do another practice with her."

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

“Selina's programme helped me to manage any physical manifestations of stress by providing breath work and techniques to calm my mind and body. I've also noticed a huge difference in my neck / shoulders. I feel like since I’ve done Selina's course, I am more mindful of the way my body reacts to stressful (whether mental/emotional or physical) situations and I now have immediate relief through the skills I've learnt from Selina.

I'm so grateful to have been part of this and to have Selina's guidance to create a more balanced and mindful lifestyle!”

Image by Billy Huynh

“Before signing up to this programme I had never done breathwork. Selina’s guidance was really reassuring. I learnt so much in such a short time and she gave me things to do at any time of the day to help me stay calm.

Although I work in a shared office I was able to make time and space for our sessions and as the weeks went by I really looked forward to them. I noticed my back pain was eased instantly and by the end I realised I was really focused in the afternoons when normally I would be exhausted.


This programme was so much more transformative then I imagined, highly recommend”


Storytelling to cultivate authentic connections with community. 

I love to play with words.


If you have a business with a community interested Health and Well-being, Self Development, Creativity, Yoga and or Meditation, I would love to write for you. 

- Captivating social media captions

- Blog Posts + articles

- Scriptwriting

Need help defining your business and its marketing? 

I will help you gain clarity on your mission, vision and values so the backbone of your marketing flows authentically to your audience. 

How we can work together

Send an email

Let's chat, I can send through my portfolio and previous work and see what we can create together.

Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger

"I came to Selina a bit lost with ideas for marketing. She helped me with writing my Company Vision, Mission and Values and it re-inspired all parts of my business. She is super creative and well organised and created some incredible, engaging marketing. 

Highly recommend working with Selina. "

Image by Billy Huynh

"Thank you so much for your excellent marketing work. Honestly, I have worked with others and you have been the best, BY FAR!!"

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