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Diving deep into self-limitations. 

Unlock what might be holding you back from becoming limitless

Meditation explores the mind and breath-work releases blockages being held within in the body. Both sessions incorporate each element however, the transformation varies within the desired result. 

My methods


To guide you into meeting your highest self. An opportunity to seek your own inner wisdom and find clarity of who you are and where you want to go.



90 min transformation + integration follow up 

In tune with your mind, body and soul.

Connected, aligned, energised, nourished, empowered. 

You may experience weightlessness and a sense of clarity over the coming days and even weeks. 



A powerful session of releasing stored blockages within the body - emotions, trauma, fears. 

Meeting you higher self.


A guided Yoga Nidra Meditation to by pass the logical brain and bring you into a more surrendered state of consciousness for the breathing technique practice. 


This breathwork session will help with:

  1. Healing and transformation

  2. Unblocking stagnant energy

  3. Releasing emotions such as anxiety, grief, anger and sadness

  4. Boost immunity + digestion

  5. Increase energy and focus

  6. Guiding you to visualise your higher self

  7. Reaching altered states of consciousness

  8. So much more

+ 15 min post breathwork integration call




Creating a habit. 

Movements to open the bodies energetic channels, strengthen the core and the back to prepare the physical form to move into a space of stillness.


This meditation session will help with:

  1. Creating your own daily meditation practice

  2. Why train the brain

  3. Understanding different ways to meditate

  4. Why strength training is important for sitting still

  5. What can happen on the meditation journey

  6. Letting go

  7. Reaching altered states of consciousness

  8. Manifesting, visualisations + limitlessness

  9. So much more

+ 15 min post meditation integration call




Online + in person at Bali Garden Matakana.


Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger
Image by eberhard 🖐 grossgasteiger
Image by Billy Huynh

"I have been to yoga classes of Yin Stretch & Vinyasa under Selinas guidance. They are a

truly surreal experience as with her changing flow & sequencing combined with clear soft

flowing voice delivery and music that really matches the session.

She is really passionate about her yoga with meticulous planning and instructions.


I recently

attended her Yin & Sound Bath session which was exceptional

I truly can say Selina is an exceptional gifted yoga teacher with a bright future."

“Selina's [customised]programme helped me to manage any physical manifestations of stress by providing breath work and techniques to calm my mind and body. I've also noticed a huge difference in my neck / shoulders. I feel like since I’ve done Selina's course, I am more mindful of the way my body reacts to stressful (whether mental/emotional or physical) situations and I now have immediate relief through the skills I've learnt from Selina.

I'm so grateful to have been part of this and to have Selina's guidance to create a more balanced and mindful lifestyle!”

“Before signing up to this [customised] programme I had never done breathwork. Selina’s guidance was really reassuring. I learnt so much in such a short time and she gave me things to do at any time of the day to help me stay calm.

Although I work in a shared office I was able to make time and space for our sessions and as the weeks went by I really looked forward to them. I noticed my back pain was eased instantly and by the end I realised I was really focused in the afternoons when normally I would be exhausted.


This programme was so much more transformative then I imagined, highly recommend”

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