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3 Reasons Why You Should Meditate

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

People are drawn to meditation as a way to soften the chatter of a busy mind, maybe even perhaps reduce stress.

The actual act of meditation is very simple; stay still and find something to focus on like your breath, mantra, or affirmation.

No matter what brings you to meditation, there are many different styles and, the fun part is exploring them slowly and discovering what feels right for you.

1. A better-connected brain is a more efficient brain.

Imagine coloured balls of wool. Now, imagine a litter of kittens has discovered these balls of wool and whilst playing amongst them, they have tangled all the balls of wool up into a colourful spaghetti mess. This is your brain when stressed, thinking of many things on the to-do list or racing thoughts of anxiety, and, when your mind is a colourful mess of tangled wool, it's not so easy to get clarity on these trains of thoughts and efficiently achieve tasks for the day.

A simple meditation connecting to the breath allows thoughts to slow down and efficiently organise themselves to be processed. No matter how hard we try, we can only think one thought at a time.

With meditation, we allow those thoughts to come through slowly, with clarity and ease and the wild-coloured mess automatically arranges itself accordingly.

2. Meditation is like exercise; but a type of exercise meant for the brain

If you have ever gone to the gym or started a new sport or exercise for the first time, you know the feeling the next day when your muscles are tender and you feel like it was a bit of a struggle. This is true for anything new we start or even if it's been a while since we last attempted it. The body is using parts that it hasn't used in a long time and it can take a bit of adjusting. Like any sport or exercise, ease your way into it. That way you won't lose interest, making it too difficult.

The more you meditate, the stronger, more resilient the brain becomes. Sometimes we forget how important it is to use the brain, maybe because it's not as impressive visually for your physical appearance. It is, however, impressive for your emotional and mental well-being - having a healthy brain improves our physical well-being and overall health.

Although when you think of exercise you might think of squats or burpees. Yet meditation is a practice of stillness. The active part of it is constantly having to slow down the thoughts and allowing yourself to stay in the space of stillness. The present moment.

3. Your life is shaped by what you focus on.

Every yogi knows, where attention goes, energy flows. If you are spending most of your day scrolling apps, absorbing toxic behaviors and language then it should be no surprise that you will mirror what you consume. It's so important to be aware of what you are consuming so you can make informed decisions to reduce time in areas that are not in alignment with how you want to live your life.

By focusing inwards and becoming more self-aware, we can bring clarity to our inner landscape and bring balance to our emotional well-being. Some amazing guided meditations can support you in manifestation, and creating visualisations for your dream future.

I recommend a free app called insight timer or search YouTube to find a teacher you resonate with.

So much of our psychological discomfort is mediated by our thinking about the past and the future, and failing to connect with the present, because we're thinking so much and not noticing that we're lost in thought.

No matter the reason you're drawn to meditation, there is a style that can support you and your journey. Remembering that the first meditation you try might not be the right fit and that the exploration is part of the fun.

I hope this has inspired you to take the step to begin a meditation practice or reaffirm why you are on this journey. If you do have any meditations that have impacted you, I would love to give them a listen.

Either in the comments below or get in contact on social media or emails.

As always, with love, endlessly,


This article is written from my own experience of meditation and how it has helped me with managing stress, anxiety and improving my productivity as an artist, writer, and human being.

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