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4 Reasons why you need to add Yin to your morning routine

If you already know what Yin is all about then you would assume it's a great practice to do just before bed. Yes, it is great for that.


I'm going to tell you why I love doing Yin FIRST THING in the morning and why you should too.

Don't be offended here but I'm going to call out the people who should be doing Yin in the mornings:

  • People who hate mornings

  • The ones who can't do exercise in the mornings

  • The hard-core exercisers

  • Injury or illness

If you fall into any of those categories, let's talk.

Here are 4 reasons why you need to add Yin to your morning routine

  1. You're already doing Yin

You already start your day in one of the most important Yin shapes anyway - why not add a couple more? Corpse pose also known as Savasana is where you are literally lying on your back resting.

The next couple of yin shapes can be done in bed if you really can't commit to rolling onto the floor.

From your back, roll onto your belly and take a Childs pose, and just like that you're almost half way done!

1. Yin is best-done cold

Not in the cold, but unlike traditional exercise where a warm-up for the body is needed, Yin benefits best if you have not done a warm-up as we want to specifically target the connective tissue - what surrounds the muscles not so much the muscles themselves.

That means, as soon as you roll out of bed, you can instantly begin your practice. (Remember - You don't even have to do that first step).

2. There's a reason why its called Ying/Yang

Moving from Yin to Yang - or Yin to Vinyasa is the most delicious way to start the morning. Because once you have made it onto the mat, and rolled yourself into a few shapes, your self-awareness has expanded and it's a lot more difficult to talk yourself out of a vinyasa flow when you're already doing it and even though we act surprised afterwards - it feels good. (It always feels good).

I have a morning ritual flow that moves from yin shapes to a body awareness meditation and then I save the last 15 mins for free flow depending on how my body chooses to move - and most of the time she actually wants to move.

I'm telling you now, as a person who could never exercise in the mornings (still wouldn't say I am a morning exercise person) I am fully capable of doing Yin.

3. You are choosing to heal

Whether you are an exercise junkie or recovering from illness/injury. Yin is a gentle approach to ensure your body is healing and in recovery.

By slowing down the breathing, observing the body, and holding poses for long periods of time - we are actively allowing the body to focus on healing, recovery, flexibility, and resilience.

Also, if you take this time to do Yin as soon as you roll out of bed instead of scrolling or devouring coffee - it gives your body time to activate its natural cortisone levels and boost energy naturally rather than being addicted to stimulation from a screen or caffeine.

If you are going to choose one new thing to add to your morning routine today -

I highly recommend Yin.

Browse youtube for a 10 min Yin class in bed. You won't be disappointed.

If you give this a try, feel free to reach out at let me know how you went.

My inbox is always ready to receive.

As always,


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