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How to start journalling: Your practical guide

With life moving at a speed of light, taking a moment to reflect, to truly connect with our inner selves, is a gift we often overlook. Journaling provides that very space for introspection, and when combined with the energy of the New Moon, its transformative potential becomes boundless.

The New Moon and Reflecting on Past Experiences

The New Moon marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and it's a time of fresh starts, making it a perfect moment for self-reflection. By turning inward during this phase, we can gain a deeper understanding of our past experiences, recognize recurring patterns, and use this valuable insight to instigate positive change. The New Moon acts as a cosmic spotlight on our past, illuminating the paths we've walked, and allowing us to step into the future with intention.

The Importance of Meditation

Before we step into our journaling journey, meditation can serve as a powerful companion. It helps to still the mind, quiet the external noise, and allows us to fully embody the power of journaling. Begin with a few minutes of deep, intentional breathing, and let your thoughts gently settle. Meditation creates a calm canvas for your journaling, enhancing the depth of your self-discovery.

The Art of Being Present with Journaling

As you put pen to paper, remember that journaling isn't about perfection. It's about being present, being authentic, and allowing your thoughts and feelings to flow freely. There are no rules, no judgments. It's a sacred space for your innermost thoughts, desires, and dreams to emerge.

Affirmations for Your Journey

  • "I embrace the wisdom of the New Moon to transform my life."

  • "I am open to recognizing repeating patterns and making positive changes."

  • "Meditation and journaling are my tools for self-discovery and growth."

Your New Moon Guide for October

To nurture your curiosity about New Moon energies and self-reflection journaling, I invite you to explore our New Moon Guide for October. It's a comprehensive companion that will walk you through the cosmic energies at play and offer you a wealth of prompts, tips, and inspiration for your journaling practice.

Embrace the power of the New Moon and uncover the transformative journey that awaits you.


Get your New Moon Guide for October 2023 here:


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